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Welcome to our website, we are the proud Sons of the American Legion, an organization honoring our parents and/or grandparents who served in the military as we provide support and honor to all our veterans, their family as well as to our local communities throughout the great state of California.  If you have a parent or grandparent who served in the military, why not consider joining our family, we would love to have you. 

Our aim as members of the Sons is to incorporate the family as a unified force and set new records in membership growth and contributions for the many projects we support and fund. Your participation is instrumental and a must for the success of these objectives.  The formula for growth is really very simple  “Just Ask Somebody,” if we each brought just one person into the family this year, we would have doubled our size. 

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Below are six areas you should be checking as they subject lines will change, “Stay Tuned” will keep you connected with upcoming events and meetings that will keep you in the loop; check it regularly as well as the Department’s Calendar.

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In supporting the military, our veterans, their families, we’ll work together with and support the the American Legion Family including the Legionnaires, Auxiliary and the Riders’ programs.  You’ll discover how we help our local communities and the veterans that live in our cities and towns. The Sons of The American Legion donate thousands of hours volunteering their time at Veterans Day and Memorial Day celebrations and remembrances. The Sons of The American Legion are there when a veteran needs a ride to the hospital or to go grocery shopping. Members of the Sons of The American Legion raise millions of dollars every year to support local high school seniors attend Boys and Girls State. American Legion Baseball is another program that you will find members of The Sons of The American Legion volunteer their time during weekends and on afternoon and evenings.

Members of the Sons of The American Legion are all ages. When you are a part of a great patriotic organization, you’ll experience American Pride and Honor and show your true colors of Red, White and Blue. 

Most of all, you are proud to be a member because it is your way to honor your father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, great grandfather, great grandmother, step father or step mother’s service to our country. All members of the Sons of The American Legion are truly Proud Possessors of a Priceless Heritage. Be part of this great tradition and you can help our veterans and their families numerous ways you might not have known possible, just by joining today. We hope if you are not currently a member, you spend a few minutes checking out the website and seeing what we have to offer and where you could fit in. Then go ahead and fill out the application and submit it and one of our members will contact you within 72 hours and get you connected if you meet the qualifications; it’s that simple.  We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you into the family.