S.A.L. Advisors

There are six American Legion members who make up the Department’s Sons of the American Legion Commission.  The commission was formed to oversee and advise the Sons; a program of the American Legion.  The individuals below are the current advisors picked by the Department’s Commander and each one represents the Sons within their designated areas.

Charles Fitzpatrick

Post 807
District 4
Area 1

Natasha Pinedo

Post 28
District 13
Area 2

Roy Santiago
Vice Chairman

Post 872
District 12
Area 3

Robert "Bobby" Brown

Post 252
District 23
Area 4

Eddie Romero

District 21
Area 5

Greg Somers

Post 66
District 16
Area 6

S.A.L. Advisor’s Guide
(a manual for S.A.L. Commissioners)

S.A.L. Commission Structure & Communications Plan
(a manual for S.A.L. Commissioners)