Flying Flags for Heroes

Commander Michael’s “Flying Flags for Heroes” Campaign
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National Commander Michael Fox’s project for this year, “Flying Flags for Heroes” (FFFH) definitely falls under the SAL label of Americanism.  As such, our Detachment Jr. Vice Commander Sean Brandon and the Americanism Commission will be assisting any and all who would like to help make it a success.  Please contact Sean to get your squad involved,  Then, if you feel you need any resources or assistance in planning and executing an event, Sean is more than happy to help you launch and see it through. Don’t forget to return to the website to report your event, as well.

Remember – every day is Memorial Day when it comes to Flying Flags for Heroes. Our Detachment’s goal is a full 10% of the National Goal (or 100,000 out of 1,000,000 flags). California can do it.


The supplier of flags for “FFFH” is being supplied with special pricing to assist in the success of this project.  The owner, Mr. Steve Merrick (will soon be a member of Robinson, IL S.A.L. Sq #69. His dad was a Life Member at that post).


Our American Stick Flags are Printed on a Heavy Poly/Cotton Fabric.  We have No Hem Flags that are cut around All Edges so Hemming is Not Required.  And then we have our Hemmed Flags.  They are Sewn around All Edges for Added Strength and Longer Life.  You get Free Shipping on Orders over $100.00!  No Sales Tax collected except in Illinois! All Our American Stick Flags are 100% Made in the U.S.A.! 

Example Pricing:
If your Squad purchased 1,000 American Stick Flags, 4″x 6,” no hem and no safety tip will run $180 to your door. No additional costs or hidden prices.  (just 18¢ each)

If your Squad purchased 500 American Stick Flags, 6″x 9,” no hem and no safety tip will run $170 to your door. No additional costs or hidden prices. (just 34¢ each)


Any Squadron or Post can order direct with PayPal or credit card as his website is secure and safe to make a payment online. In the memo field of the online order form just put “FFFH.”  Doing so helps us and helps him keep track of flags we ordered for “FFFH.”

The company also take checks, but has to wait to get it before shipping order.


He only collects sales tax from folks in IL and shipping is FREE with orders over $100.  It doesn’t get any better price, as he is below wholesale already.

Visit the Flying Flags For Heroes 2021-2022 Website
Follow the numbers as we place the flags and reach our goal of one million flags on Veteran’s graves

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View and download
the Commander’s Packet on this Program

Please make sure when placing your flags you keep score of the number you place and take photos of the event. Then come back here and upload the photos and report as to who, when, where and how many.  Thank You!

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