Commander’s Corner


Spring is here, it has only been a couple of weeks since our DEC in Santa Maria and we have gotten a lot done.  We have passed updated finance procedures/policies, we moved a resolution to amend the SAL National Constitution forward through the Detachment, we have discussed exciting future leadership for the Sons (more to follow on that in the coming months).  California is enjoying the spotlight on many fronts at the local and national levels.  Our future is brighter than the sun that shines on our beaches.

The Spring NEC in Indianapolis, IN is coming early in May and we will have great representation at the meeting as always.  We are about 5% under our membership goal and I know that everyone is working hard to increase our membership numbers.  Please pitch in anywhere possible to increase membership in your local Squadron and help the Detachment reach its goals.

Durk is getting better and Don Ramirez is out of the hospital, so you would think our team is getting stronger.  Well we are asking for prayers for our Area 1 Vice Commander Steven Culp who was in a bad motorcycle accident recently and will have at least a 3 month recovery.  He and his family are in need of positive thoughts and prayers.

Lastly, Bill Bryant is raising money for a plaque at the George Patton Museum in Indio, CA for the Detachment of California.  Any donation of funds will help.  Please reach out to Bill to help.

For God and Country in Support of the American Legion Family

Tomidan Jordan
Detachment of California