Commander’s Corner

Greeting Comrades,

I am truly excited to embark on this Legion year. Let’s do all we can to make 2017-18 the best year in the history of the Sons!

We have made great strides to improve our organization and brand the Detachment of California with innovative communication, concepts, and ideas. Our goal is to build on our successes and maximize our efforts to grow our Detachment.

Membership is the life blood of any organization and we have so many veterans in California that we absolutely must capitalize on our own membership potential. I sincerely don’t think that it is out of the question for us to grow by a couple thousand members over the next year or so. If we all strive for this early and often, this is attainable. Expand your sphere of influence and work membership constantly. PDC Parsons started the “My Cover is Cool” campaign to facilitate the conversation about the Sons in our communities. We are going to continue this campaign and build on it, start converting those conversations into members and raise awareness within our communities with all of the good that the Detachment does all year long.

At Convention in Riverside I introduced a 5 year plan for the Detachment. It is a good starting point with areas that need a ton of work. We have discussed plans for a lot of years, but none have come to fruition. What I’m proposing is that the committees/commission take responsibility for their section of this plan. We will be discussing it and dividing up the areas and hopefully making headway this year. The concepts are business oriented and very straight forward. Some will work, some will be modified, and some may not work. But that is what the purpose is, sort through the ideas and concepts and see if we can make the Detachment a better place.

Also at Convention in Riverside we discussed having a youth camping trip / summit in Lake Tahoe. I would love to make this a reality and work on putting together a team of guys that can enlist feedback from our younger members and help our Detachment lead the charge to younger contributors.

Finally, as many may have noticed there are some holes in some of the committees / commissions. Guys have termed out of their appointments and we are needing to fill those appointments. I have selected a chairman for every committee / commission and at our DEC they will be tasked with selecting their own members to work with for the next appointment. I believe in collaboration and it should be up to the chairman to decide who should come in. Obviously I will give any guidance I can offer.

Again, let’s make this year a great year. See you in Amador!
For God and Country in Support of the American Legion Family

Tomidan Jordan
Detachment of California