Detachment Officers

The following is the Detachment Leadership Team, listing their position and which Squadron and city they are from.  You will notice an envelope at the bottom of each leader’s section, clicking on that icon will open an email addressed to that specific leader. Some of the leader’s sections will display a chain link, which when clicked on will take you to their “Corner Page” for a pertinent message relating to you in reference to the position they hold.   

Tomidan Jordan
Newport Harbor
Squadron 149
Newport Beach, CA
Commander's Corner
Gil Desemules
Commander's Aide
Squadron 314
Hawthorne, CA
James R. Fischer
Sr. Vice Commander
Squadron 422
Rialto, CA
Jr. Vice Commander's Corner
James Eubanks
Jr. Vice Commander
Squadron 555
Buena Park, Ca
Ned Fox
Squadron 521
Carmichael, CA
Adjutant's Corner
Jeffrey Flynt
Assist. Adjutant
Squadron 149
Escondido, CA
Bruce Way
Squadron 149
Escondido, CA
Sandy Loeb
Assist. Sgt-at-Arms
Squadron 328
Norco, CA
Steve Schisler
Squadron N/A
Robert "Smokey" Stover
Judge Advocate
Squadron 3
Hanford, CA
Jeff White
Squadron N/A
Chaplain's Corner
Mark "Doc" Severance
Squadron 289
Riverside, CA
Matt Parsons
Alt. N.E.C.
Squadron 291
Temecula, Ca
Matt Parsons
Jr. Past Commander
Squadron 291
Temecula, Ca
Steven Culp
Area 1 Vice Commander
Squadron 447
Sacramento, CA
Hirham Libby
Area 2 Vice Commander
Squadron 31
Prunedale, Ca
Walt Butler
Area 3 Vice Commander / Color Guard
Squadron 491
Ceres, CA
LaVon Chalk
Area 4 Vice Commander
Squadron 252
Los Angeles, CA
William "Bill" Hernandez
Area 5 Vice Commander
Albert J. Hickman
Squadron 460
San Diego, CA
Arthur Carlos
Area 6 Vice Commander
Squadron 125
Lompoc, CA