District Commanders

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Frank Minear
2nd District
Squadron 197
Redding, CA
Area 1
Al Delsid
5th District
William Russel Ledford
Squadron 293
Cloverdale, CA
Area 1
Steven Culp
6th District
Squadron 447
Sacramento, CA
Area 1
Steve Schisler
7th District
Grank Gallino
Squadron 130
Grass Valley, CA
Area 1
Frank Meraz, Jr.
11th District
Ed Stewart
Squadron 803
Area 3
Steve Severin
12th District
Squadron 872
Hughson, CA
Area 3
Jonathon Ritter
14th District
Squadron 3
Hanford, CA
Area 3
Bruce Allen
21st District
Squadron 595
Perris, CA
Area 5
Ray Bradford
22nd District
J. B. Clark
Squadron 149
Escondido, CA
Area 5
Timothy Saucedo
25th District
Philip Marmolejo
Squadron 650
Redlands, CA
Area 5
Robert Edwards
27th District
Squadron 636
Boron, Boron, CA
Area 3
David Dolan
28th District
Squadron 593
Prunedale, CA
Area 2
James Eubanks
29th District
Albert E. Schwab
Squadron 555
Midway City, CA
Area 5