MMA Standings


Standings as of June 6th, 2017
“Bad Boy” & The NorCal Ninjas   vs.   “Aim Low” & The SoCal Samurai
93.28%                                                     93.33%
“Bam Bam” w/ Area 1 @ 90.20%
“Pitbull” w/ Area 2 @ 91.93%
“Bruiser” w/ Area 3 @ 95.70%
“Lights Out” w/ Area 4 @ 86.90%
“Hurricane” w/ Area 5 @ 99.16%
“Crusher” w/ Area 6 @ 93.92%

SoCal Holding Tight, but by the Skin of Their Teeth
NorCal Closing the Gap – Neck ‘n Neck 
Hurricane Hernandez, knocking on the door for 100%
Bruiser Butler – Kicked it into gear and jumped into second place
Still too close to call, who will land the first Knock Out Punch by hitting 100%

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Download the Latest Membership Report
As of Oct. 9th 2017

These reports display your goals set for the year, the total members renewed to date, the total new members to date and what percentage of the goal has been achieved to date, and how you rank with the others.  The report displays the standings by Groups, Areas, Districts and Squadrons.  


S.A.L. Detachment of Cailifornia